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(Photo credit: Richard Suganda)

Iqra Anugrah is a final year PhD Candidate in Political Science and Southeast Asian Studies at Northern Illinois University. He was a Visiting Research Fellow at The Institute for Economic and Social Research, Education, and Information (LP3ES) in Jakarta, Indonesia (Summer 2015-Summer 2017). He also finished his predoctoral fellowship with The Transparency for Development (T4D) Project in Indonesia of Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School and Results for Development Institute (August 2015-February 2016) and visiting fellowship with The University of Sydney’s Southeast Asia Centre (throughout March 2016).

His dissertation research, “Elite-Peasant Relations in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia: Decentralization, Dispossession, and Countermovement” analyzes agrarian politics in the changing context of development and state-society relations in democratic Indonesia.

His major research and teaching interests are democracy, development, statecraft, social movements, everyday politics, ethnographic and historical methods, philosophy of science, critical theory, Islam, and Southeast Asia. For a complete curriculum vitae please click over to his page.

He also holds degrees from Ohio University and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. Throughout his studies, he has received various awards and fundings such as Japan’s Monbukagakusho Scholarship, Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan (FCCJ) Swadesh DeRoy Scholarship, St. Gallen Symposium’s Leaders of Tomorrow Award, American-Indonesian Cultural and Educational Foundation (AICEF) Grant, and Japan Foundation Asia Center Travel Grant, among others.

He grew up reading indie progressive books, getting “politicized”, and watching Star Wars and animes. When he is not busy taking field notes, hanging out in odd places at odd hours with his local interlocutors, or working on his dissertation, he enjoys running, cooking, and more recently, playing with cats and perfecting his cold brew recipes. In another universe, he is a karaoke rock star and a contributing editor for IndoProgress.

All information listed on this profile are true and can be verified with various institutions that he is affiliated or working with.