Hari Tani 2013

National Peasants’ Day Protest, Bulukumba, 2013 (Photo credit: AGRA/FPR Bulukumba)

As an activist-scholar I am committed to the struggle for social justice, participatory democracy, and human rights. I believe that sound academic research and popular empowerment can help each other. Therefore, I try to engage with the broader public through several ways:

Teaching: I encourage my students to be active participants in classrooms and engaged citizens in their communities. I also ask my students to ponder upon important social and political issues of the day.

Public LecturesRecently I have given a series of academic and public lectures for both academic communities and the broader public in various universities as well as activist coffeehouses and communities in Indonesia, such as The University of Indonesia, Hasanuddin University, Muhammadiyah University of Makassar, Bosowa University, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, Islamic College of Yogyakarta, Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University, Sanata Dharma University, Rumah Baca Komunitas, Social Movement InstituteOwl House, Diskaz Labor House, KaPe-RI, and Ruru Gallery/Jurnal Karbon.

Engaged Research: I have been working with various rural communities, NGOs, and social movements in different settings (policy research, dissertation research, and political advocacy, among others). I enjoy these collaborative works and will maintain this engagement in the future. Some of my field notes from these works have been published in New MandalaIndonesia at MelbourneMROnlineand Explorations.

Activism and Popular Writing: In another universe, I am an editor and regular contributor for IndoProgress, an online journal connecting progressive scholars and activists in Indonesia. Some of my writings (mostly in Indonesian) can be found in the blog section of this website. I continue to maintain my engagement with Indonesian social movements while keeping a home in academia.