Rubber plantation

Rubber plantation in Lembah Duri, North Bengkulu, Bengkulu (personal collection)

Peasants and Activists in Contemporary Indonesia: Between Countermovement and Market Accommodation (Book manuscript under review at the University of Wisconsin Press)

My first book analyzes factors accounting for the divergent strategies pursued by organized peasants and agrarian activists in response to agrarian change in contemporary Indonesia based on three years of original fieldwork.

The major phase of this project (mid-2015 to mid-2019) was financially supported by NIU Political Science Department’s Russell Smith Scholarship, Transparency for Development (T4D) Predoctoral Fellowship from Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School and Results from Development Institute, the University of Sydney’s Southeast Asia Centre Visiting PhD Fund ENITAS Scholarship from the Institute of Thai Studies at Chulalongkorn University, the Graduate School Dissertation Completion Fellowship at NIU, Asia Culture Center’s Research Fellowship, and New Mandala Indonesia Correspondent Fellowship. This research also benefited from the institutional support of LP3ES’s Visiting Research Fellowship.

Currently, this project receives financial support from JSPS’s Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Kakenhi).

A book chapter deriving from this research, “Movements for Land Rights in Democratic Indonesia,” is published in Activists in Transition: Progressive Politics in Democratic Indonesia (edited by Thushara Dibley and Michele Ford, Cornell University Press).

Published Works
My works on social movements, Indonesian politics, and reflections on theories and methods have been published or are forthcoming in venues such as PS: Political Science and Politics, Indonesia, Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, Asian Labour Review, The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, and Perspectives on Global Development and TechnologyFor a complete list of my work please click over to my page.

Working Papers 
“History, Memory, and Ethnography in an Experimental Participatory Development Program” (with Stephen Kosack, Megan Cogburn, and M. Yunus Rafiq, Xie Kankan, Jessica Creighton, Courtney Tolmie, and Archon Fung, supported by the T4D initiative).
“The Limitations to Subnational Authoritarianism: Economic Autonomy and Institutional Constraints in Indonesia’s Subnational Government Head Elections” (with Michael Buehler and Ronnie Nataatmadja).


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