Serang District Head Elections, 2015 (personal collection)

Social Origins of Indonesian Executive Heads of Local Governments
We created an original dataset of winning candidates’ CVs in the 2005 and 2010 direct elections for district heads and mayors (pilkada) in 222 districts (kabupaten) and municipalities (kota) in Indonesia and analyze its turnover pattern. We plan to extend our analysis to the 2015 pilkada cycle.

This is a collaborative project with Dr. Michael Buehler from SOAS, University of London.

A Life History of a Rural Educator
This is a collaborative life history project with my local interlocutor and best friend on the field, Kang Rokib (pseudonym) on his life as an educator in his village. This project narrates his life history particularly his experience as a teacher, a headmaster, a breadwinner, and a father in his village. In my encounter with him, I see his life as a portrait of a middling-class rural modernizer navigating his different roles, his agency, amidst larger structural changes affecting his community.