Lecture Series in Makassar

From late May to early June I gave a series of guest lectures at several universities in Makassar – Hasanuddin University (Unhas), Muhammadiyah University of Makassar (Unismuh), and Bosowa University (Unibos) – on social science methodologies, trends in research on Indonesian Islam, and state-society relations in Southeast Asia respectively. I wrote a bit about the lecture at Unismuh here. The other two events were great too – at Unhas, I had a lot of fun discussing about social science methodologies and philosophy of science with academic colleagues (graduate students and lecturers, whereas at Unibos I managed to spark a pretty lively discussion on capitalist transformation and state-society relations in Southeast Asia with international relations students. Again, many thanks for colleagues and friends in Makassar for these opportunities!

Some promotional posters of the lectures can be found below:


At Unhas (Photo credit: Muhammad Harisah)


At Unibos (Photo credit: Unibos IR Department)

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