Organizational Mapping of Agrarian and Peasant Movements in Indonesia

One of the things that I look at in my dissertation research is the current landscape of agrarian and peasant movements in Indonesia at the national level in the post-authoritarian period. To the best of my knowledge the picture is pretty complicated, given that the movement is ridden with fragmentation.

Nonetheless, as a new person in this field I found it rather difficult to draw the map by myself. So I asked a good friend and comrade of mine, Andre Barahamin, to help me out with that. Andre is a fellow editor at IndoProgress and a researcher at Pusaka Foundation, an NGO focusing on indigenous people’s rights. So I went to his office, had a chat with him, and with the help of other Pusaka researchers, especially the executive director Y.L. Franky and April Parlindungan, I was able to come up with an organizational mapping of agrarian and peasant movements in Indonesia. Voila.


(Please do not cite this without my permission!)

It’s a work in progress but nonetheless a good start. Credit goes to Andre and the Pusaka team for helping me out to come up with the map.

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