News : Grand Performance wraps-up Indonesian Week with a Blast

rom June 29 to July 3, 2009, Indonesian Week, the third installment to the AY2009 Spring Semester Multicultural Weeks, was held. Indonesian culture was introduced through a range of events such as Indonesian film showings, traditional handicrafts and folk costume displays.

On the evening of Friday, July 3 2009, the Indonesian Week Grand Performance marked the end of Indonesian Week. It was held at APU Millennium Hall. People wishing to secure a seat formed a long queue in front of Millennium Hall that eventually reached the AP House pedestrian bridge.

Nevertheless, the 2-hour performance turned out to be well worth while queuing for, as the audience enjoyed a range of Indonesian singing, bands, dances and fashion shows, which were creatively interwoven into a flash-back story of a grandmother reminiscing her youth. The concept of Indonesian Week 2009 was different from previous Indonesian Weeks, and came about not only through the hard work of the core Indonesian Week Executive Committee, but also by the enthusiasm of all students who shared in the vision to make it a success.

After the performance there was a short encore performance of “Dangdut” in front of the Millennium Hall as a bonus for the audience, and everyone joined in to dance to the music.

The leader of Indonesian Week, Iqra Anugrah (APS2, Indonesia), commented, “Being one of the organizers for Indonesian Week was really an unforgettable experience. I faced a lot of challenges and difficulties during this whole process, but on the other hand I also found many people who were willing to help us and that is why we could succeed. It is really satisfying when I see how this event has met people’s expectations”.

Indonesian Week was an opportunity for Indonesia to be showcased around the campus and for non-Indonesians to become more familiar with Indonesian culture.

*Multicultural Week is sponsored by the Nakajima Foundation

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA): NUGROHO Katarina Marsha Utama(APM3, Indonesia)