Editorial: Moving Ahead with The APU Times

The APU Times has enthused leap and bounds within the span of three years of short history. Established in 2007 by a few visionary who advocated for the right to information of students, it established itself as a true university newspaper. Despite the economic and human resources problems, it rose to become one of the top rated non premiere organizations of APU.

This was a time of ‘trial and error’ in the management of the circle. From its infantry, it strived to provide the best for the students and University alike. It came up with unique ideas like exchanges with other university newspapers, organizing workshops and did some experiments with the contents. Now, we feel a sense of glory to be where we are. Thanks to the ever increasing love and comments from our valued readers, the APU Times is only more committed to give more to its readers and working for the betterment of APU either by highlighting its achievements or bringing forth the issues which must be addressed properly.

It is not only the APU Times that is involved in this process. Various student organizations like circles, different assistants like LA, TA, SA, RA, and SPA among others strive continually to ease the student’s life in APU. In this process, the ‘noise-makers’ (the executive committee of the APU Times, as it is popularly called) has decided to value the contribution given by these organizations and dedicate some of its limited space to inform the students about their activities and messages.

The APU Times would like to take this opportunity to cooperate with all the other institutions which share the common aim of creating a better APU. It would also like to request all those organizations to promote their activities through the newspapers which is widely read among the students, while at the same time, help students get information with ease. The APU Times is eagerly looking forward for warm hands.

With this, The APU Times wishes everybody a very prosperous and meaningful 2010 and appeals all the organizations for close cooperation. The new dawn begins. The earlier we wake up, the more sunlight we can have.

*By Iqra Anugrah, Editor-in-Chief of The APU Times, Published 21 January 2010 http://aputimes.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=198:editorial.-moving-ahead-with-the-apu-times&catid=9:circles&Itemid=14&lang=en