Interview with APU Graduate, Iqra Anugrah

Interview with APU graduate, Iqra Anugrah

Interview with APU graduate, Iqra Anugrah

2011/12/26 Update

We had the pleasure of speaking with GSAM graduate Iqra Anugrah (Fall ’11) from Indonesia about his time at APU and where he hopes his experiences here will lead him.

As many international students would attest, the strong friendships formed with other international and Japanese students and shared memories seem to be predominant themes when former students look back at their time spent on the APU campus. These were some of the first things that Iqra mentioned when we asked him to recount some of the memories that he continues to reflect on and be buoyed by even now that he has left Beppu. He elaborated by saying that, “Any encounter with friends and people from a variety of backgrounds during my time at APU is another thing that I really like from my APU life.”

Iqra went on to say that it was this campus, with a student body from varied backgrounds, which he believes will help him when examining future career options. “Appreciation and understanding of societies in the developing world, probably the most precious thing that I got from my APU experience, will definitely help my future career in the world of academia, intellectualism, activism, and politics.” He also added that he feels that APU “transformed me into a global citizen who really understands what multiculturalism is.”

Upon graduating from APU, Iqra is confronted with the exciting decisions of a recent graduate which could include possibly going on to a PhD program, seeking work with an NGO, or working with the Foreign Service in his home country. His ultimate aims include becoming a university professor and a prominent intellectual in the area of political science while maintaining his devotion to activism and research.

When asked to give a message to current APU students, Iqra responded in the form of a true APU graduate by saying, “Try to see beyond your daily life and classroom experiences. Dare to think using your own wisdom and try new experiences. Try to find a balance – work hard, but play even harder. Eventually you will realize that you’re part of something much bigger than yourself, and it DOES feel good to make a difference in our world.”

Iqra led a very active student life at APU, participated in overseas conferences and was a regular contributor to the APU Times. We wish him all the very best and look forward to his future achievements.